After 9 years, we are expert tuners. Precision and perfection is crucial as frequencies affect your physical and emotional health /wellbeing. AM Drums can personally recommend a scale / frequency for your tastes and/or needs.

Listen to AM Drums on Youtube. AM Drums - Hand made steel tongue drums - hank or tank drums. Hang and handpan alternatives. Unique, personal, beautiful, affordable. Precise tuning - 440hz , 432hz and 528hz. TUNABLE AVAILABLE.
AM Drums on Youtube – Listen to a range of scales

AM Drums can be tuned to ANY scale of your choice (even if it’s not shown on our site).

Listen to AM Drums on Youtube NOW:

(your choice is not limited to these examples).

Frequency – 440, 432, 528 (444)…  ? Your choice


ANY scale can be adapted to ANY frequency. To choose the one best for you, find out more here.


AM Drums - steel tongue drums - layout of notes. Any tuning, any frequency, 432, 440, 528 (444). Tunable drums available. 9 notes possible. Hank, Hang or handpan alternative.
AM Drums – layout of notes.

Number of notes

Usually AM Drums have 8 notes (see pic), but an extra 9th note is possible in the centre (optional).



Tunable drums

ALL AM Drums can be TUNABLE (optional). Adjust the scale / frequency yourself, easily, flexibly and infinitely, opening up a whole new world of musical possibilities.


Play by hand or with sticks (provided free). See ‘how to play.

Precise and expert


We tune precisely to the exact frequency and scale of your choice – as this is crucial to health and wellbeing. See ‘production’ and ‘healing/therapy’.


Good vibrations

We always tune with peaceful, loving hearts – as we know this is felt in the vibrations afterwards. See ‘philosophy’.