Such a beauty ! Thank you so much for this amazing piece ! Going through à lot of things those days but i know that when thé storm will calm down i’ll find peace playing it. Just seeing thé picture calmed me down right now ! Couldn’t make other yet. But promise soon. You did à wonderful job much love to you all !” – Evita

“Thank you so much !!! ❤❤❤ This drum is so pleasantly calming and relaxingI’m in love!!! 🙌🙌🙌 Again, thank you :-)” – MissR

Hello you lovely people! I have just received an AM Drum and I am totally in love with it. My dear friend bought it as a surprise for my birthday… Thank you from the depths of my soul for embracing the making of this humble and soul-warming drum. I am so very happy. Peace” –  K, UK
Etched tree of life - shimmering steel - am drum - steel tongue drum - hank tank handpan hand pan hang musical instrument

”I have to say I really fell in love with this steel tongue drum. Its’ easy to start with and one can be very creative. Thank you so much for bringing this beautiful musical instrument into the world” – M, Czech Republic

“Just wanted to let you know that my new hank drum (AM Drum) is fabulous, and has already enriched our souls deeply 🙂  Last weekend it took us on a magic carpet ride over soundscapes less visited. He / she is now a beloved member of our clan” – D, UK
“Un grand merci. Je vibre, votre tambour melodique a un son formidable voir même encore plus surprenant que ce que j’attendais. Je suis très heureuse de vous avoir fait confiance” – D, France
“Qui, votre colis est arrivé et j’etais très très content de ce que j’ai trouvé dedans. C’est parfait – W, France

“Today my AM Drum finally found it’s way to me! !! I have to thank you sooooo much .. I love it .. It sounds and feels so good, I can’t find the right words to describe it… You’re a little bit crazy (in a good way)!  Thank you also for the bag, the wooden stand : it’s a very nice one and it looks pretty good here in my living-room… Today for me was like a second christmas in january !! I can’t keep my hands off the drum and want to go on with trying it *laugh* … You’re great people and I wish for you only the best for you and your small company !!” – A, Germany
“Merci, l’instrument est magnifique et je vous fait de la pub …” – M, France
Baby toddler playing am drum - musical instrument play therapy for children - steel tongue drum hank tank hang handpan hand pan

“It arrived safely and I’ve barely put it down since. I’ve already made some videos… I’m hoping to make recordings for my pregnant partner to listen to during childbirth. She’s in love with the sound… Thanks again for… countless hours of beautiful musicM, UK

“Je viens de recevoir mon Am Drum. Il est superbe. Merci beaucoup!” – M, France
“I want to tell you that the sound you produced is awesome and that this musical instrument is just as incredible and spiritual as you described. I loved to read your website and I’m going to play this drum on my journeys throughout the world and make my music with this instrument, along with my drums and flute”.

O, Israel

“The tank drum has been a big hit with Amy, it looks and sounds beautiful. She loves it and finds it so relaxing and easy to play. Its perfect in helping her to rest without feeling frustrated. She said that she loses track of time when she’s playing her drum and finds it is like meditating. So thank you again.” – J, Wales

I sail (work) in Greece in the summertime and we always have our AM Drum on board, since our sailing programs include meditation, light yoga and reiki sessions! AM Drum sounds fill the air in solitary bays at sunset! We are extremely satisfied! Always when we get enquiries, we try to inform people of your website!” – S, Italy/Greece


“I received my steel tongue drum. I found out a very important tool to meditate and have fun at the same time 🙂  Also a spaceship to travel from 8 portals of sound… Thank you sooo much!!”

T, Spain


“I received my AM Drum this week. Since I’ve been out of town I’ve only had the opportunity to play it this evening. I must say it’s really fantastic and sounds great! Me and my girlfriend will send you a short video where I’ll play this hank drum on my sailing boat. I appreciate very very much the manufacture and the decoration!
F, Italy

AM Drum – Oriental 444hz – steel tongue drum – hank tank hang handpan music

“It came yesterday and now I try the instrument… it is amazing!! Incredible sound. It has a lot of openings and with the right combinations you can create great tunes. It is even better than I expected`. In reality it sounds even better than in the videos. Thank you again for your consideration and interest. It looks like you make these drums with a lot of care.”

D, Greece

“I am still enjoying my AM Drum (steel tongue drum) and playing it almost every single day! It is easily the best musical instrument I have ever owned.” – S, UK

“The AM Drum has arrived! Thank you! I am very positively surprised by the richness of the sound and long sustain. What I also like is the compact design and stability – very good for therapeutic use. ” – A, Germany

“It arrived! Thanks so much for everything, and sorry it was such a hassle. My brother loves it... Much appreciated, I will definitely purchase from you guys again in the future.”


“I’m still happy with playing my AM Drum during every break I get from studying. A lot of people are really wondering about your handpans, seeing this for the first time, but everybody is excited and wants to play it for a while. Also some of our friends asked me for your website and they tinker with the idea of desiring a hank drum of their own.”
C, Germany

Beautiful blue dragon design - am drum - steel tongue drum hank tank hang handpan”My friend got an AM Drum and I loved the sound of hers so much that I started saving from that moment. It was a totally magical, mesmerising experience watching her play, and the sound that these most amazing musical instruments made. They remind me of ‘dragons eggs’… to me you are sending out ‘dragons’ whose birth will create more magic in the world.



“Thank you, she arrived and I played her tonight. It sounds beautiful in the Healing Center, and she matches the white and gold banana drum very well. I went to the Sunday craft market today and bought an Akha bag for her to rest on. The Akha hilltribe cam from Tibet to north Thailand about 100 years ago.”
G, healing centre, Thailand

“I received my drum today 🙂 Thank you for making it so personal. I love the colour and the tone.”

“Got the AM Drum! Thank you so much! Addicted! In love with it! Seriously considering another one in a much lower key, what would you recommend?”

“We got our drum today, thank you both. The yellow drum sounds beautiful and the paint and art work is fantastic.
C, healing centre, Ireland

“Just to let you know my drum arrived this morning. I’m made up with it, as we scousers say. Exactly what i asked for.”
D, Liverpool (UK)

“Received my drum today. 🙂 And it sounds wonderful On the whole, I am really happy to own this AM Drum… My dogs too seemed very enchanted. 🙂
V, India

“The drum is here. She sounds wonderful. We’ve named her Melodie. Our sons, 7 and 10, like it too. Thanks”.
G, Holland

“I received my drum today. I’m really happy with it, how it looks and how it sounds. Thank you!”
S, Holland

“Yes, drums arrived safely. The drums are fab! And we have been playing them lots.”

“Received my drum yesterday. It’s fantastic! Thanks so much.”
D, Canada

“I just received my drum, thanks a lot, it sounds wonderful!!
M, Germany

“Thanks very much for the beautiful drum.  I am so excited to own one now!”

“Today my drum arrived… It’s wonderful!
E, Spain


“The drum’s here and I love it! It’s such a lovely instrument and I really like the padded bag (finishes it off so nicely), a super present! My daughter has her eye on it already, so I wonder how much playing time my husband will get… “
C, Ireland

“The drum arrived today. It is beautiful and sounds wonderful.  I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent, efficient and courteous service.”


Oh it is wonderfull! I was so surprised, it is super” – C, Germany
It sounds great and the painting is really beautiful. Thanks a lot!”
R, Netherlands
“I just bought the Oriental AM Drum from you at the market yesterday. I love it so much that I’d like to get a second one in a different scale.”

I, Canada

“I was very overwhelmed by the appearance and especially the sound. So much greater than I had imagined at all. I’m so very glad that it is now mine and I’m looking forward to all the wonderful hours I’ll spend playing it”

I, Germany

“TOTALLY HOOKED ON MY MOTHER’S AM DRUM!! … My new best friend when I’m at her place :)”

K, Belgium

”My drum arrived yesterday, and it has a wonderful sound and looks so pretty! Thank you very very much. Namsté
L, Netherlands


4 Replies to “Reviews”

  1. So happy with my new AM Drum!!! It has a wonderful, amazing sound, so deep and magical! It brings me away…in a special place of my heart. I’m a very absolute beginner, but the drum is teaching me day by day how to hear it, how to play it, how to feel it. And it’s a GREAT teacher!!! I simply love it!!!

    1. We’re so glad that you appreciate the magical quality of the sound and that it is giving you such special experiences. I love the fact that you call it your teacher – that is a new way of looking at it. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. My drum arrived a couple of days ago and I love it.
    It is perfect, it sounds so dreamy
    Can’t rate them enough.
    I love the little drum sticks too.. so cute

    Thank you

    1. I loved painting your drum, it gave me the chance to try a new lotus flower design which I think came out very nicely. I’m so glad you like it – enjoy playing and keep in touch 🙂

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