Healing and therapy

AM Drums have a comforting, mesmerising sound which resonates through the vibrating steel tongues and feels harmonious with the human body.

The sound vibrations can not only be heard, but they can be felt in every essence of your being. Instantly, you feel relaxed and calm, allowing your mind to be elevated to beautiful thoughts.

The sound of a steel tongue drum is similar to the sound of the Tibetan bowl, which is used by Buddhist monks in meditation and has a similar transformational effect. AM Drums have eight tones (a full scale or octave) instead of only one, so you can also make music. The tones do not lingr as long as a Tibetan bowl, however.
AM Drums’ steel tongue instruments have a very special effect on people, who often become transfixed or mesmerised. Often at markets we look up (while playing) to find 50 to 100 people just standing and listening (which can be a little nerve wracking!).

It’s this special effect on people which makes steel tongue drums very useful tools in healing, therapy and relaxation techniques of all kinds. Our customers have included Reiki healers and all kinds of therapists, from new age, holistic therapies to those working with groups of children and the disabled.

Some people have found their own unique ways to use AM Drums as a part of therapy. Pregnant mothers gently rest the drum on their belly while they play. Other people have told us they like to hold the drum over their partner’s head and play for them, as the sound can help to elevate cognitive mental processes.

Healing with sound

Can music heal? Healing is about making something whole again, returning it to its natural harmonious state, in alignment with the source. The source is energy, energy is vibration and vibration is sound. Harmonic sounds are music.

Healing with music involves transcending the rational mind and unleashing intuition. Music (without lyrics or too much thought) activates the intuitive side of the brain, helping this process.

The intuitive layout of notes on AM Drums means you can play without thinking. Just listen and follow your own instincts in developing rhythms and melodies.

The frequency of 432Hz is believed to be especially helpful in aiding the healing process (both physical and spiritual). AM Drums can be tuned to 432Hz in any scale. Read more about 432Hz here.

Is there evidence of this healing?

There is a lot of research and evidence to support the idea that music and sound, when used both scientifically and intuitively, can align the frequencies in people’s bodies, minds and souls.

Sound frequencies (measured in hertz / Hz) can have a profound effect on your body, health and overall well-being. We discuss the effects of different frequencies (for example 440Hz versus 432Hz) in more detail on this other page.


The Chakra energy centers of our bodies and each of the different organs of our bodies also have particular musical notes at specific frequencies (see Chakras page for more information).

Here comes the science…

Hans Cousto demonstrated that all of our planets have specific musical tones and frequencies.

Dr. June Leslie Wieder has even been found that our vertebrae respond to specific musical notes at particular frequencies.

Chinese acupuncture works by stimulating the pathways, or meridians, which carry the vital energy into, through and out of the human body.

Some healers, such as Barbara Hero (a mathematician and sound healer) work on the knowledge that meridians, chakra energy centers of our bodies and each of the different organs of our bodies have specific musical tones at specific frequencies (measured in Hz).

Those meridians and organs relate to specific emotions, and harmony can be restored with the appropriate use of music and sound to produce healing.

It can be helpful to hum the sounds, while listening to recordings of these healing frequencies, to further increase your personal resonance with these frequencies.

Can you imagine how it would feel with a steel tongue drum tuned to the same frequencies? You would not only be listening but feeling the vibrations throughout the whole of your body.  Soon you’d enter a dream-like state where nothing can interrupt you, leaving you to meditate and possibly even reach a higher level of consciousness.

Music therapy

Anthroposophical music therapy is based on the idea that everybody has a need to relate to the world in complete freedom, based on completely individual judgements and decisions.

Playing music encourages us to have the confidence to take risks and make mistakes, to be spontaneous, creative and original.

This idea is often used in therapy with children. For young children, and in the early stages of music therapy, the Pentatonic scale is especially suitable as it is impossible to make any harmonic mistakes. The confidence developed is not just about musical ability, but can also extend to every area of the child’s personality, as they begin to feel that they have something valuable to share with the world.

Music can also be a valuable tool as part of a ‘holistic’ education – by that we mean one that strives to develop all areas of a child’s personality and being, including their creativity and spirituality, rather than just the rational side of the brain.

This kind of approach has been further developed by educational pioneers such as Carl Orff and Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf), and carried on by millions of parents who want to give their kids a fully-rounded education, with a spiritual and creative angle, rather than just teaching them the usual ‘reading, writing and arithmetic’.

Through being allowed to develop in such a free and creative way, individuals can reach their maximum potential as fully evolved individuals.

Personal awakening

Even if we are not a trained “healer”, we can simply use our instincts to find our own personal kind of music therapy for ourselves.

The magical effect of vibrating steel tongues means that playing the AM Drum can be a deeply spiritual experience, even for individuals playing alone.

We recommend them for people seeking some kind of personal awakening or anyone seeking peace, relaxation and a way to help soothe depression.

Play alone as though noone is listening. Play out your soul to the universe – let it sing. Play with others on a similar wavelength. Just play – in your own personal, special way – and see what happens.

It makes us very happy to know that our creations are bringing relief, happiness and maybe enlightenment to people in all kinds of situations and backgrounds. This is what drives us to continue.  🙂

Read through some of the feedback we’ve received from happy AM Drums customers, to see how they find the experience.