AM Drums’ background

Who are we?

AM Drums are steel tongue drums made by Ma Rustic. Ten years ago, it all began as a journey to discover alternative ways of living, which covered eco building and creating things from recycled materials. AM Drums were born and their acoustic magic has given us a positive and rewarding way to spread love while continuing to live outside of the rat race.

Where are we?

We’re based in central, rural France (Limousin).


“Everything in life is vibration”, according to Einstein. Like attracts like (manifestation), so it’s important to stay positive. Send out good vibrations and spread the love through through the singing steel of AM Drums.

We believe in the human approach – personal attention, unique customisation and hand-made products.


AM Drums are made entirely by hand and painted by hand, with loving care. Each one is unique and personal, especially for you. Everything is possible, you only need to ask.

We have 10 years experience of making steel tongue drums. We are expert tuners and fine-tune to the exact frequency you choose.

AM Drums are made from recycled steel. The metal is tempered to give it extra strength. This ensures it will stay in tune.