Instructions for special discount

Special discount code instructions

Steel tongue drums - special offer 150 euros - AM Drums - hank tank handpan hang happy drum percussion instrument
Click here to go to AM DRUMS’ online shop

Just to make it clear, here are the instructions on how to apply the SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER CODE, to buy a steel tongue drum from AM DRUMS for 150 euros.

You don’t need to use Facebook!

Follow these instructions or email us with questions:

Follow this direct link to AM DRUMS’ online ‘shop’:

For advice on choosing your drum, see below.

Once you’ve chosen, use this code for a discount at “checkout”.

How to choose your steel tongue drum

Your handpan will be made to order (especially for you), which means that you can choose every aspect of the drum – including any appearance, any colour(s) and any musical scale (as well as frequency).

You can look through our photos and choose ANY of those designs, or any that you see on our Facebook page. Also, you are not limited. Those designs can be done in different colours, and they can even be changed if you want something slightly different.

If you like a design that is not shown on the ‘shop’ page, don’t worry. It is still available – just tell us which image you like (or send a screengrab).

You can just add a note to your order or send us an email to explain.

Remember – you can choose ANY appearance, ANY musical scale and ANY frequency. Your wish is our command…

If it seems too complicated, we can recommend something.

Just send us an email and we can explain/arrange things that way.

Also,  if you don’t like using our shop page, we can personally send a Paypal invoice to your email adress.

Share with your friends to spread the good vibes far and wide.

We look forward to hearing from you soon 🙂


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