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Link to special offer on facebook - 150 euros for any steel tongue drum from AM Drums
Special offer (150 euros) for any steel tongue drum from AM Drums. Choose ANY appearance/design and ANY musical scale/frequency. YOUR CHOICE.

We’ve created a ‘special offer’ on Facebook, which contains the special discount offer code to be used in AM Drums’ shop, where you can then buy any steel tongue drum for 150 euros.

Remember – you can choose ANY appearance, ANY musical scale and ANY frequency. Your wish is our command…

You don’t need to be on Facebook!

Scroll down for instructions to find out more.

Follow these instructions to buy a steel tongue drum from AM DRUMS for 150 euros!!

Follow this link to AM DRUMS’ online ‘shop’ (or just click on ‘shop’ above):

Once you’ve chosen your drum, use this code for a discount at “checkout”.

Steel tongue drums - special offer 150 euros - AM Drums - hank tank handpan hang happy drum percussion instrument
Click here to go to AM DRUMS’ online shop and apply the special discount offer code.

Share with your friends to spread the good vibes far and wide.

You can also just send us an email and we can explain/arrange things that way, through a Paypal invoice. We can also give you advice and guidance to help you choose a drum.


We look forward to hearing from you soon 🙂


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