Mini steel tongue drum for sale

Mini steel tongue drum for sale, with 8 notes, ready made, in stock and available to go right now – for an instant gift.

Usually we keep these for Christmas, but this mini steel tongue drum has popped out early, like a Spring flower.

Mini steel tongue drum - AM Drums - hank handpan tank hang - musical instruments

A mini steel tongue drum, like this one, is great for carrying around. The pretty high tones complement our larger, deeper drums perfectly. They also sound great accompanying other musical instruments, such as the electric guitar.

Create harmonious tunes with just vocals and this mini steel tongue drum – for a minimal and beautifully simple sound.

They can be played in exactly the same way as a larger drum (with fingers or drum sticks) , but the advantage is that this mini steel tongue drum is so light, you can carry it in your luggage, with no problems.

This is a one-off and a very special price at only 99 euros!  Our mini steel tongue drums (AM Drums minis) are always limited edition, but right now this is the only one we have, so don’t miss out if you think you might want it.

Interested? Contact us by email or follow this link to  Ebay.


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