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Top ten reasons why AM Drums are THE most ethical choice of all steel tongue drums

When you choose to buy a steel tongue drum from AM Drums, you’re not just buying a musical instrument / handpan.

Here are the top ten reasons why you are also making an ethical choice, by investing in the following:

  1. Handmade products, made and painted with love and care, by the human touch only (no robots or automatic / digital machines involved). THE ethical choice.
  2. Recycled materials (including repurposed / upcycled metal, plus recycled paper and packaging)
  3. Fair trade, with no out-sourcing to factories or distant countries (no child / slave labour and no exploitation involved, in any part of the production / work chain)
  4. Local economies (benefitting people and communities)
  5. Small, independent businesses (giving power to individuals, not to massive corporations)
  6. Human values that put people first (a personal, honest approach)
  7. Diversity / choice and creativity / culture in an increasingly homogenised world (custom-made steel tongue drums with distinctive, individual character, rather than mass-produced handpans sold off the shelf)
  8. Spreading good vibrations ( made with pure love; offering alternative frequencies such as 432hz or 528hz help to heal the world, instead of the normal 440hz standard)
  9. Environmental sustainability (Ma Rustic’s low-cost lifestyle involves and promotes minimal materialism and consumerism)
  10. Community projects – AM Drums’ sideline projects include teaching about natural building techniques (below) for low-cost housing (follow AM Drums to read our next blog about Ma Rustic‘s sideline projects)

Earth oven cob natural building workshop course teaching learning

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