Design your steel tongue drum – part 3

Inspiration comes from above

The sky’s the limit. Design your own steel tongue drum.

Why not light up your life with the Northern Lights? Instead of buying off the shelf,  design your own steel tongue drum. Maybe you can base it on your dream trip of a lifetime, as this person did.

This steel tongue drum was designed in tribute to the amazing phenomenon of the Northern Lights.


One of the most stunning, fantastical and inspiring sights must be the Aurora Borealis.

Whether you’ve seen it in person or dream of a future trip to see it, it can only lift your spirits to be reminded of it.


This AM Drum was designed to mimic the Northern Lights, with swishes of blues, greens and purples, against a sparkly background of twinkling stars. The starting point was simply a photo of this amazing aerial display.

Mother Nature is an artist. What place or scene do you dream about? Bring it to light on your own handpan. Create a daily reminder of your dreams to give you constant inspiration and motivation to make them manifest.

Contact us to design your steel tongue drum (personal, unique, original and hand-painted) because we want to make you feel special.



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