432hz grounding

Music, 432hz and spiritual connection

How 432hz can be used for grounding

Here is an illuminating article we came across about the 432hz frequency (read original article by Brian T Collins here).

“Music from the beginning of antiquity was not intended as a form of entertainment and instead, was the focal point of spiritual connection…

Man’s inner ability to inter-connect with the vibrant conscious resonant environment has always played an integral role in the development of civilizations and role of behaviors from one type of conscious awareness to the other.

It is well documented that the push and pull of magnetic and electromagnetic cosmic forces play an important role in the development of man and rise and fall of civilizations.

The subtle push and pull from the moon on the tides and inner waters of our bodies or the squaring or retrograde of planetary influence upon our resonant fields bodies may create a marionette of emotions in the conscious awareness…

Dissonance can possibly create electrical stress which may be conducted or transmitted by the nervous system and the skeleton. Bone for an example is mineral based and carries a peizo electric charge that needs to discharge properly to the earth. Bone is “tuned” to nature and most doctors taught only statistical procedure and do not question why they use a C=256 hz (C note in concert A=432 hz at 12 true 5ths tuning) tuning fork to find tiny bone fractures. Grounding oneself has huge benefits to whomever tries it however the systemic problem is the removal of conscious awareness from experience in participation and scientific observation…

We need to work together now as a species and put away the childish aggressions of materialism. For me, a return to traditional worldview choices for philosophy science and music, may assist putting mechanical polemic thinking aside and can allow us in the spirit of co-operation to do greater things in philosophy, science and music together…”


Follow the link below to read more by Brian T. Collins at Omega432.

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