AM Drums – Steel tongue drums (hank, tank, handpan or Hang alternatives)

AM Drums are steel tongue drums (hank, handpan or tank drums), which are completely made by hand, in our home workshop. We put extra loving care and personal attention into all our steel tongue drums.Β  We create acoustic magic to give you an extra special experience.

The only drums available for Christmas delivery now are our READY MADE drums. Click here to see what’s left.

All of our custom-made drums (made to order) can be made within 3-4 weeks (excluding Christmas holidays).

Shipping is worldwide, secure, with tracking and insurance. No worries πŸ˜‰

We offer you personal advice, guidance and attention to help you choose your drum. We look forward to hearing from you.Β  πŸ™‚

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Just a little tune on this beautiful steel tongue drum

Beautiful, double-sided steel tongue drum, made by AM Drums. Although this only shows one side of the handpan, you can hear/feel the special resonance, which is because the other side is tuned to complement this scale perfectly. You can have one made especially for you – just get in touch with AM Drums. See links in comments.

Posted by AM Drums on Thursday, 26 July 2018


All scales possible

Virtually any musical scale or tuning is possible – 432hz, 440hz, 528hz (444hz) or whatever you wish for. All AM Drums can be TUNABLE and have 8 or 9 notes. Follow the links for more details.

Infinite choice of designs

Detailed or simple? Personalised or plain? Matt or gloss? The choice is all yours. Here are some examples of our handpan designs, but your choices are truly infinite. Browse our large photo gallery to see much, much more.

Ready-made or customised drums available

Choose between custom-made (personalised) AM Drums or ready-made hank drums (available to buy online now).

Personalised and unique

Every AM Drum is a work of art. Each handpan is unique and personal, especially for you. Our steel tonguedrums make the perfect, thoughtful and personal gift.

Design your own steel tongue drum from scratch. We can interpret your ideas and sketches into reality. See our blogs for examples.


AM Drums are the most ethical choice of all handpans, as we always use recycled (repurposed) steel. We make our steel tongue drums entirely by hand in our home workshop. There are no factory processes involved and no out-sourcing to sweat shops. You will be supporting a mini enterprise and encouraging a more local-based economy. Our profits go towards spreading the word (through teaching workshops) about natural cob building and eco living.

Feel free to buy an AM Drum with a completely clear conscience. You will hear and feel the good energy when you play your instrument πŸ™‚


Acoustic magic

Your AM Drum will be made with lots of loving care, and we even provide you with wands (drumsticks) to create your own acoustic magic.

Zen out with peaceful vibrations and the healing power of nature.

AM Drums’ steel tongue drums are the perfect, happy (and affordable) Hang or handpan alternative.

We offer personal advice and guidance, before and after you buy your AM steel tongue drum. We’re happy to chat online in detail and give you personal recommendations. Just get in touch πŸ™‚